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ShoreTel Technology Partner

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bridgeSpeak AR (Automotive Retail)

Increased profitable traffic is the result of consistent, targeted, relevant communication with your customer base.  bridgeSpeak Automotive Retail (AR) is a software solution that will make that personalized communication happen for your dealership.

The bridgeSpeak AR system provides automated retention solutions that include:

  • Automatic DMS Integration
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Missed Appointment Follow Up
  • Recalls
  • Lost Souls/Due For Service Follow Up
  • Special Order Parts Notifications
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSI/SSI) Follow Up
  • Car is Ready Notifications
  • New Car Purchase Service Department Introduction
  • Sales Thank You
  • Happy Birthday
  • Lease Expirations
  • Speech Recognition Interactivity – Automatic Appointment Scheduling
  • Ability to Transfer Calls to Your Staff

According to conservative analysis based on 2008 NADA data, those calls by bridgeSpeak AR will contribute over $13,170 of revenue per month to your dealership.  That analysis is available here.

How is bridgeSpeak Different than What You've Seen Before?

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Integration with other bridgeSpeak solutions including Customer Information Screen Pops, Unified Communications and VoIP give your entire enterprise the ability to communicate efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let us show you the benefits bridgeSpeak will bring your store.  Answer the 4 short questions below, and a bridgeSpeak representative will send you a no-obligation analysis of how bridgeSpeak will impact your operations:

1. On average, how many RO's are written per day?

2. On average, how many scheduled appointments are there per day?

3. What is the average dollar amount of an RO?

4. On average, how many cars (new and used) do you sell per month?

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