bridgeSpeak Gets Results!

The traditional way of communicating:

Direct mail – typical response rates are between 1 and 3%*
E-mail – typical response rates are near 1%*
1-way phone messaging – typical response rates range from 4 to 5%**

The bridgeSpeak way of communicating:

Two-way, interactive voice response messages over the telephone – response rates often exceed 50%***

Let bridgeSpeak guarantee your results!

As the first step, let us show you the benefits bridgeSpeak will bring your store.  Answer the 4 short questions below, and a bridgeSpeak representative will send you a no-obligation analysis of how bridgeSpeak will impact your operations:

1. On average, how many RO's are written per day?

2. On average, how many scheduled appointments are there per day?

3. What is the average dollar amount of an RO?

4. On average, how many cars (new and used) do you sell per month?

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* According to Gartner Research  ** According to Broadcast Solutions  ***According to DMA Response Rate Study