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Interaction + Connection + Simplicity = RESULTS

bridgeSpeak AR is the only solution on the market that lets you interact with your customers using speech, and then connects those customers to your employees. This interaction is the key to unlocking tremendous revenue growth, CSI improvement, and enhanced customer service.

Questions to Ask...

When considering product claims by other vendors, be sure to ask these questions:

Q: Does your product interact with my customers?
A: bridgeSpeak uses world-class speech recognition technology from Microsoft to let your customers interact with the system. This enable them to schedule appointments, give CSI feedback, route calls, and more!

Q: Does your product initiate calls from my dealership, or do they come from out of state?
A: It is important that the calls physically originate from your location(s). Certain federal laws govern calls crossing state lines, and these laws may limit your use of products that originate calls from a third-party hosting center.

Q: Does your product let my customers immediately talk to my employees if they want?
A: Because bridgeSpeak is installed in your dealership and is integrated with your existing phone system, we are able to immediately transfer calls to your employees if your customers want to speak with someone.

Q: Does your product let my customers schedule business during the same phone call?
A: bridgeSpeak can automatically schedule appointments, or it can transfer customers to your service advisors, business development staff, or anyone you designate to schedule the appointment!

Q: Can your product tell me which CSI follow up customers were dissatisfied and give me information on why they were not happy?
A: bridgeSpeak’s interactive capabilities let you know when you have a dissatisfied customer! Customers can even record a message and that message is immediately delivered to your staff so it can be resolved.

Q: Can your product help me route inbound phone calls, just like my receptionist?
A: bridgeSpeak can give your customers the ease of speaking with a receptionist with the consistency, speed and performance of automation! If you prefer, it can even back up your receptionist to guarantee that if they are busy, calls don’t get missed.

Q: Am I locked into my DMS, CRM, Business Development or any other vendor when using your product?
A: bridgeSpeak works with virtually any data source! Unlike other vendors that only integrate with their own products, we work with the systems you are using. If you want to switch your DMS vendor, go ahead!

Other bridgeSpeak AR standard features include:

  • Do Not Call list scrubbing
  • Opt out customers
  • Automatic report delivery
  • Integration with a variety of data sources: DMS, CRM, business development, lists, etc.
  • And much more!

The Bottom Line

Interaction + Connection + Simplicity = RESULTS

bridgeSpeak's technology and service will unlock tremendous revenue growth, CSI improvement, and enhanced customer service.  We guarantee it.

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