ShoreTel Technology Partner

ShoreTel Technology Partner

bridgeSpeak is now a certified ShoreTel Technology Partner!

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bridgeSpeak Screen Pops

Screen Pops present information about incoming callers on your computer desktop as soon as your phone rings.  Caller information can come from any data source you wish, bridgeSpeak will look it up as soon as the call comes in!  With bridgeSpeak Screen Pops, your agents will be better information and more able to instantly assist your callers!

Screen Pops provides a quick and easy connection between your data and your callers with features such as:

  • Automatic DMS Integration
  • Customizable pop-up windows
  • Detail views with information tailored to the person receiving the call
  • Upload the call information to a CRM system

By providing relevant information as soon as a call comes in bridgeSpeak Screen Pops lets your agents focus on what's really important, the customer! With a limited amount of time to make a good impression, it's critical that an agent is able to help the customer during a call rather than finding the correct database and searching for the correct information. With the ability to set up any number of profiles, Screen Pops shows the data needed in the moment, no matter which area of the business the call comes into.

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